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Today when I dropped my children off at the drop off my 4th grader got distracted and left his bookbag in my car. I was halfway down pine ridge parkway by the time I noticed it was still in the backseat. So I turned around and when I got back into the schools parking lot I wasn’t sure whether I should go to the office or try to go back through the line. There is a gentleman who is always in the parking lot with a big smile and waving at all the parents.  ( I believe he is the coach) so I stopped and asked him which one I should do and his response was to tell me to give him the bag and my child’s name and have a wonderful day.Right then I knew I had made the right choice in bringing my children to your school. Little acts of kindness go a long way and he made my morning. I just thought I would right you a short note to give some great feedback on one of your staff members. Looking forward a great year!


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